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Creative Earth Ensemble

Here for All of Us


What do Creative Earth Ensemble do?

provide education for therapists, artists, story workers, shamanic practitioners and constellation practitioners 

unlock models of inclusion, expression and flow

create places for listening, conversation and understanding

assist a way for whole earth community broadcast

imagine art for these times


Carol Day

Creative Earth Ensemble was founded by Carol Day,  inspirational teacher and author of the books 'Wheel', 'Drum', 'Story Compass', 'Trees are our Letters' and 'Shamanic Dreaming'. From 2009, Carol ran the little red drum shamanic school 'The Centre for Creative Shamanism' and this later branched into the Creative Vision Project.  Creative Earth Ensemble was born out of Carol's desire to have a practice name that clearly places visionary and shamanic work as a part of a much wider arena and something that is needing new and inclusive models to be truly reachable.  She incorporates her practice as an Artist, Writer, Shamanic Teacher, Constellation Therapist, Counsellor and Educator in its design. 


Operating largely with a gestalt methodology, this innovative practice holds the understanding that return to circle is key to the healing of these times. Creative Earth Ensemble works collaboratively to build a theatre of new possibilities. If you come to train in courses with Carol you will find yourself working 'alongside' and you will be listened to for an understanding of your individual calling in life. The focus will be on your developing this ethos of working alongside in the way you will go onto work with others. If you sign up for therapeutic sessions with Carol, your own intuitive knowing and preferences for working will be carefully listened to and considered, whilst you will be held in the container of a sturdy counselling/supervision model and guided by the arc and lens of the systemic constellation medicine wheel template that is Earth Ensemble.

You can take practitioner courses, workshops and individual sessions with Carol.

Carol Day is the founder of the Systemic Story Practice. 
Incorporating the 4Directions shamanic medicine wheel, constellation therapy, counselling techniques and creative art and writing, a way of re-storying for the earth and the individual are found. Watch the video for some insights into the practice and the book 'Story Compass' which was released by Moon Books this year.


Coming up Courses

One Year (14 months) Shamanic Practitioner Apprenticeship: Shamanic Dreaming

Here is the online practitioner course of the book Shamanic Dreaming which is being published by Findhorn Press with a release date of 24 March 2023.

The contents of the book merge with a brand new Shamanic Apprenticeship programme for these times which will to insure you to work with others and land. 

Intake 1 filled quickly, so I have opened a second intake!  You can sign up anytime between now and 1 September and 23 October 2022. Your journey will begin with Intro literature and an individual session.


Shamanic Dreaming 
online Shamanic 1 year and 2 months Shamanic Practitioner training 


Intake 2 commencing 1 September - 23 October  2022

Learn the basics of Visionary Shamanic practice and connect to your inner calling and the calling of these times. Connect with ancestors and the future ones ready to unfurl your vision and feel synthesis and mutual support with the invisible realms.  You will study and case study with Shamanic Healing as an initiation completion process. Then take your skills into a practice working with others and the land!

Preorder the book Shamanic Dreaming

 Presents shamanic tools to help you prepare to receive visions, release the burdens of the past, and bring clarity to your visions of the future * Shares Earth Whispering practices to expand the senses, set intentions, and connect deeply with intuition and spirit helpers * Offers advice on working with guides and soul protectors as well as the different realms a guide might emerge from The role of a visionary is to help dream the future into life. Throughout the ages, shamans have played the role of visionary within their communities. Yet how does one open to visions and allow the messages we need to hear to come through? Exploring how to access your creative potential to shape and hold a strong vision for yourself and others, visionary teacher Carol Day shares hands-on tools and step-by-step shamanic practices to become more visionary and connected to the world around. 

Story Practitioner  Levels 1 and 2 

Story Practitioner 1 online training (content of Story Compass)
commencing 25 September 2022

Story Practitioner 2 online training (the mountains course!) commencing 16 October 2022


Moon Gazing
Astrology online 3 Year Constellation Practitioner training
new intake commencing 10 October 2022

Individual Work

Bringing in the Mythical:  Artist Practitioner online course - 5 months working with the Fool Archetype

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Exclusive 8 part coaching/constellation/astro-listening zoom sessions 

'Constellation Sessions'

Single or 4 part (Quad) sessions via Zoom 

Story Compass

Water Droplets

Supervision for Practitioners

monthly supervision with Carol Day



Carol Day is an extraordinary, innovative and gifted practitioner, teacher and Author. She brings in the power of love, compassion and creativity to all of her work. She will take you deep into the unseen worlds and provide a rich and meaningful experience for you.

Sandra Ingerman, MA, world renowned shamanic teacher and Author of 12 books including Walking in Light and The Book of Ceremony

My first individual session with Carol was the beginning of a wonderful journey into a deeper understanding of shamanism.  A.D.

I have had a couple of sessions with Carol. Completely different each time! 
A lovely space was held for me completely without judgement.


Felt great after the session thanks...ten feet tall in fact. Definitely felt a big piece has fallen into place. And perfect just before the move.  K.S.

I am mid Quads with Carol Day. It is quite breathtaking in its reach, into me, into the past, into the vast, complex field we live within. Carol is a gentle delight, dealing with ‘heavy shit’ sorry no other way to describe! with the deftest of skill and an intelligence that I can only assume she achieves by melding herself with aforementioned field. Two sessions still to go, very noticeable outcomes, feeling more safely connected with where I come from and where I am. Very grateful indeed that Carol has dedicated time to hold this learning and delivers it so gracefully.  S.B.

Through remote sessions, Carol has helped me to understand my recent illness as a beautiful and blessed opportunity for healing and growth.  C.G.

Like a well known, popular beer..... Carol reaches and refreshes the parts others cannot. 
She is a being of great compassion, humanity, wisdom and complete integrity which she shares with warmth, humour and creativity. 
She has a rare ability to make the ordinary magical and magic ordinary, all deeply rooted within our beautiful planet earth whilst also reaching for the stars. 
I feel blessed and enriched to have walked part of my path with her. 

Training with Carol has been a magical mystery tour of wonder with the natural world.  The creative tapestry that has now shaped my inner being is forever evolving, never stagnant.  I highly recommend her courses, they are a journey you will never forget and will fill your heart with great joy, when looking back.  F.G.

Practitioner Training with Carol Day has shape shifted my way of being in the world, allowing a more authentic, confident and creative me to flow. The techniques and practices that Carol guided us through were only a tiny part of the whole package that came with the depth of spiritual connection, healing and personal awakening of the training. What I experienced was a much broader unfolding of my personal power, identity and great life adventure. For 3 years Carol safely held our group with compassion, understanding and deep listening. In that space I was truly seen and heard.  F.J.

Carols workshops and training are amazing. I found the workshops and training I have attended a fantastic aid to self healing in a way I never thought was possible and in a short space of time they have turned my life around. For me personally this work is transformative and life changing and Carol is an amazing, inspirational and supportive teacher who makes her transformational courses and workshops fun and informative. Quite the best thing I have ever done in my life.   M.P.

The 6 months shamanic coaching with Carol  has been a time for me to allow my creativity to flow and become more mindful in how I live. The coaching material and 1:1 work through Skype was guided by my intentions and was very much in tune with where I was at in the process. Carol is a great listener, she works with integrity and is very compassionate and allowing towards the process. The program flowed and adjusted as we went along, still holding a safe structure for me to explore. My 6 month shamanic coaching program looked and sounded like me, it feels like my personal creation. I feel more connected with life and now have ways to seek for answers to my questions using my skills creatively and with confidence. 


We've been fortunate enough to experience Carol's courses in the rural Kilgour House. We have attended various courses in the U.K. in the last twenty years, & can say that Carol Day is the most enthusiastic & encouraging Educator we've ever met, we are only sorry that age & location limit our attendance at her courses. We would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn in a supporting atmosphere.    B.Y. and T.Y.

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