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Creative Earth Ensemble

Here for All of Us

Training courses in 4 Directions Theatre film and art practice; Earth Ensemble Constellation Practice and Innate Ways Shamanism

A little bit about 4Directions Theatre

4Directions Theatre is a lens I have designed that works with a healing modality and incorporates the Earth Ensemble theory.  Using the search light of the four directions and the elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water, it holds an inclusive space to include the information of the realms of current physical life, life line past, ancestral past and the archetypal or mythical.  This enables stories from other times that we carry in present times to be reached and released. It also means that we can be released to connect with previously blocked archetypal expressions that may be innate in us.  It follows the constellation theory and is hugely creative in its scope.  Its main brief is for inclusion of all voices and expressions, alongside opening up each member of the earth community and beyond to be able to take their place with equal honouring in life. 


Restoring Wholeness - The Shaman's Craft


- practice at the heart of Creativity and



Shamanic Practitioner online training

£200 discount for those who sign up before 30 September 2023


Introduction Workshop for Earth Ensemble Constellation Training 

Friday 29 September - Sunday 1 October 2023 
Westbourne Medical Centre, Glasgow

Earth Ensemble Constellation 2 year Practitioner Training 

Next intake and venue to be announced December 2023.

Behind the Scenes
Books by Carol Day

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Individual Sessions


Systemic Story Constellation Sets 

4 online constellation sessions

8 online constellation sessions

Creative Earth Ensemble was founded by Carol Day,  inspirational educator, filmmaker and author of the books 'Wheel', 'Drum', 'Story Compass', 'Trees are our Letters' and 'Shamanic Dreaming'.  In this website, Carol introduces the 'Innate Ways' project, where intuitive and creative practice is seen as something which is the natural way of things and that is born in us rather than it being something ancient or outside of us.  She acknowledges it was finding out about shamanism and shamanic initiations that originally saved her life and helped her to map her experiences of reality opening up (in 1996) within a map that society wasn't including at that time. She hopes that the word helps you to find context if needed.  Carol prefers to claim her role simply as being an Artist/Educator within a wider symphony and helps create models that allow listening to everything.


 Creative Earth Ensemble  places visionary and creative work within a vast and communicating arena which includes the spirit of everything.  This is needing new and inclusive models to be truly reachable. Carol incorporates the practices as Artist, Writer, Shamanic Teacher, Constellation Therapist, Counsellor and Educator in its design. 


Operating largely with a gestalt methodology, this innovative practice holds the understanding that return to circle is key to the healing of these times. Creative Earth Ensemble works collaboratively to build a theatre of new possibilities. If you come to train in courses with Carol you will find yourself working 'alongside' and you will be listened to for an understanding of your individual calling in life. The focus will be on your developing this ethos of working alongside in the way you will go onto work with others. If you sign up for therapeutic sessions with Carol, your own intuitive knowing and preferences for working will be carefully listened to and considered, whilst you will be held in the container of a sturdy counselling/supervision model and guided by the arc and lens of the systemic constellation medicine wheel template that is Creative Earth Ensemble.

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Supervision for Practitioners

monthly supervision with Carol Day

Carol Day is an extraordinary, innovative and gifted practitioner, teacher and Author. She brings in the power of love, compassion and creativity to all of her work. She will take you deep into the unseen worlds and provide a rich and meaningful experience for you.

Sandra Ingerman, MA, world renowned shamanic teacher and Author of 12 books including Walking in Light and The Book of Ceremony

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