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Natural Beach

The Dreaming Retreat

Venue to be announced soon  14 - 17 September 2023

Writing on Beach

Following the depth and wonder of THE DREAMING RETREAT (WEST) in August 2022 on the Isle of Seil and the  DREAMING RETREAT (East) in May, Falkland, Fife I am preparing for the Dreaming Retreat North. This retreat is the domain of the element of Earth, the physical body and presence. 

Thursday 14 - Sunday 17 September 2023

Thursday 7 pm - 9 pm

Friday 10 am - 11.30 pm

Saturday 10 am - 8 pm

Sunday 10 am - 1 pm

Here's the info on the Dreaming Retreat:  North.  This is also the 2 Year Practitioner Constellation Intro Workshop.  If you are planning on joining us for that you will need to take this workshop or its equivalent and a quad of sessions and arrange to do Modules 1 - 3 online before October 2023.   

The Dreaming Retreat: North is a deeper immersion with the 4Directions Theatre ‘Bringing in the Mythical’ work created by Carol Day. It is part of the launch series for the three books Story Compass, Shamanic Dreaming and Trees are our Letters and is designed for dreamers and visionaries to go deep with the mythology of the land to uncover individual and collective soul purpose in the North of Scotland.

The idea is to arrive on the Thursday evening at 7 pm and then to open up a three day visionary engagement with the stories of the land and inner stories of each participant and our ancestral pasts.


The theme for North  in the 4Directions Theatre wheel is the Physical body and Presence.  So we will really be dreaming into the body, ourselves and the land that we are based on.  The intention is to go deep with the future ones too to create an aligned purpose through our future life lines with the paths of destiny we are each called to live as we walk these roads together on this planet in these times. This retreat will be like an archeological dig for the treasures of each of our unique expressions and our lived journeys.  It will bring deep honouring and gentleness to each of our stories. There will be 4Directions Constellation work, lots of writing, connecting with trees and their medicine, crow listening and divining, archetypal exploration, astrological transit tracking, disentangling, visioning, journeying and filming work. This will enable both an inspirational and healing journey.

I am a Shamanic Educator, Counsellor, Artist, Writer, Astrology Map-finder and Constellation Therapist and Teacher. For ten years I ran The Theatre of Dragon Hill in Fife, holding regular community events with the stories of the land there. The style of working is playful, caring and deep. You will be taken into a mystical space where healing can happen and communication and insight can occur. As well as releasing books this year, I am also completing a film making degree, so an element of the retreat will be to create a film together (no pressure to feature on this - only if you want to). It is hoped that the film can reveal further layers of myth and healing story at work.

Here is an idea of the itinerary content:


7 pm - 9 pm


Circle opening and Sharing. Setting up dreaming space




10 am - 5.30 pm then 7.30 - 9.30 pm Vision Divining, Intro to Mother Goose  (Guide of the North); Goose Listening and Divining; Visionary Questing; Dimension opening; Collective story opening with the land and the beginnings of a film.  Writing and Drawing; Fire Ceremony.

Saturday 13 May



10 am - 8 pm Loop and the future ones; Astrology: transits and patterns;  Freeing Constellation work with planetary current chart;  Life destiny and the Way of East.  Constellating the brain.  Activities with Trees are Our Letters and the Life Story;  Filming. 

Sunday 14 May

10 am - 1 pm Circle time; Looking at transitional edges and opening the bridge to living in tune with the inner calling  back home; Being mirrors for the gifts in one another. Setting intentions. Closing the space gently.


Retreat  £450 (including meals)

Payment deposit £200 on booking

Accommodation details and costs will follow

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