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Bird Tribe

'Bird Tribe'

Constellation 12 week Programme

Have you been feeling like the birds are making themselves even more known recently? Have you always felt a clear and astonishing connection with birds? Are you intrigued by the idea that there are bird tribes in human communities?
Bird Tribe is a brand new constellation course working with the birds and tapping into the archaic codes of the winged ones and their place on our planet. A part of Creative Earth Ensemble's '4Directions Theatre' programme of courses which host in turn the many communities of our earth and beyond, the birds take the stage for our first theatre of merging, exploring, listening and healing. What are the bird communities? What can we do to listen to and include them in our experience more? How can we get to be in the flow with them more? These are just some of the questions we will explore.
Running for 12 weeks from 14 December 2022, the course includes 12 weeks of literature and 6 group Zoom meetings where we constellate and set up travel with a different bird species each time and an individual session. Visionary journeying, dream- chronicling, nature walking, drawing, writing and setting up constellation projects are the content of the course material. This is a rich and mind and life opening course that bring the bird tribe back into life. I have written this course for self-development, healing work for individuals and the planet and as teaching material for those who wish to use this material to inspire their own work.


Wed 14 December 6.30 - 8.30 pm
Wed 18 January 6.30 - 8.30 pm 
Then the next four Wednesdays after that




Email for form and details
(Early bird discount £250 for people who sign up and pay before 23 November or who pay with St Andrews Day 30 Nov/1 Dec  newsletter offer.


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