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Are you ready to enter the theatre of the earth and enable positive changes?

Here is a monthly group that works as a collective. 

Meetings Thursday eves 7 - 9 pm 

You join the 6 month paid membership for the classes and education pack and discounts.

Thursday 24 Feb 7 - 9

Thursday 31 March 7 – 9

Thursday 21 April 7 – 9

Thursday  12 May 7 – 9 

Thursday 9 June 7 – 9

Thursday  23 June 7 – 9

Thursday  14 July 7 – 9

Thursday  15 September 7 - 9

Contact creativeearthensemble@gmail.com for details

Puppets with Strings

The first six months

About the Practice 

Holistic is a well used word in these times.  Holism: ‘the theory that parts of a whole are in intimate interconnection, such that they cannot exist independently of the whole, or cannot be understood without reference to the whole, which is thus regarded as greater than the sum of its parts’.   Doesn’t this definition just inspire you to open up to a way of being that is not so isolating?  I love this theory.  When I am at my best, I feel this working.  Whenever I am in a piece of holistic work I feel this absolutely working as all the parts fly forward to inform me.   

So what happened?  Why does this theory not seem to work much of the time and how can we restore it as a way of being?

Earth Ensemble is a way of assembling and bringing everything into communication together again.

Earth Ensemble therapy incorporates shamanic, constellation and psychotherapies.  Shamanic practice offers a way to go beneath the layers and communicate with the spirit of everything.  Constellation work gives a structure and theory to be able to hold conversation with the different members and stories of this whole big world of life through all of its times.  Compassionate and therapeutic listening provides an ethos to be able to hold space for everything to speak, grieve, appear, bleed, open and come into its holding space.  The formula of Earth Ensemble produces deep, moving, healing and ultimately freeing movements that can restore the original world of soulful intimate interconnection that is our birthright. 

Earth Therapy holds the model of interconnectedness at its core.  Within this practice, spaces are built as containers for listening and including the many expressions that are here as meaningful constituents in our cosmology of life.   Acknowledging the existence of the many planes operating as fields of influence on any situation, this therapy works in a gestalt way to uncover hidden stories, bring healing and compassion to them and then discover and recover pathways of meaning and flow.

Here is a programme of monthly offerings to help you to appreciate the healing power of the Earth Ensemble work as a group. We begin I hope you can join us!

When you sign up

You will be emailed a basic information sheet on the principles of this work with a short introduction to the ethos and shape of this work and some exercises to try at home.

Living Constellations

In this session we explore the knowing field.  We look at how we live this invisible field through our interactions with others, learn how to set up a template to work mindfully with how this comes into play and set up an individual and then a group Earth Ensemble session working with the theme of ‘letting go of binds’.

Shamanic Encounters 

In this session we explore the field of life on this planet.  We open a council with the members of the earth community.  We work individually with a healing project with a member of nature on the land then move into ceremony honouring nature beings and allowing them to be heard through us. 

The Light of Myth

In this session we explore the mythical realm. We set up an Earth Ensemble configuration to better understand how the mythical and the everyday interact.   We work in threes to come into contact with our own mythical expression and then work with the theme of Summer Solstice light to create a ceremony to bring the mythical and the everyday back into alignment through our ancestral lines. 

Towards a Unified Earth 

In this session you will:

  • Work to find ways to connect with the energy of the land

  • Open up inquiry into individual ancestral stories with land to heal themes of exclusion

  • Work with a nature being on the land to open creative flow through writing

Freeing Creativity

The themes of birthing and creative flow belong principally with the mother lines.  This time we explore the realm of the the feminine both in the human and in nature.  We set up an Earth Ensemble inquiry into the blocking of creative flow in each of our family lines.  The session completes with a ceremony of forgiveness.

Finding Support

Support and stability are major themes with the father lines.  In this session we work with some of the trees who bring masculine medicine or allegiance.  Working with the subject of the wounded healer, we each bring our own wound the session and work in small groups to empower the capacity to heal and draw in support.  We complete with an Earth Ensemble set on the subject of sacrifice and bring understanding to the unavoidable truth of the way sacrifice works in nature and human life. 

Opening a Way

We work individually and in small groups on the theme of being held back.  Individually, we explore lines of fate to undo ourselves from a propensity to repeat ancestral scripts.  We then set up an Earth Ensemble piece of work with the mountain and the river spirits of Scotland and find out how we can better open a way of peace and healing for the future of this land and this planet. 

Fellowship with the trees

In this session you will:

  • Practice opening fields of awareness to be able to connect with the communication system of trees

  • Work with a certain tree to bring medicine to a personal issue

  • Meet the Council of Trees and understand the role of trees today and to open up communication systems to the people of today

  • Work in pairs to bring healing to individual family trees and find the trees that bring medicine to particular issues 

Each initial monthly programme will be accompanied by literature and some project ideas for the month.  I hope you can join us!