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Together we Inspire creative fire

7 month Visionary Leadership Training

Held at the Centre for Stewardship Falkland and Old Lathrisk, Freuchie

May - November 2022


Part 1  £500

27 - 29 May 2022 at The Centre for Stewardship, Falkland, Fife

Fri 7 pm - 9 pm

Sat 10 am - 8 pm

Sun 10 am - 4 pm

PLUS 2 X 1 hour 15 mins individual mentor/supervision sessions in June by Zoom or in person in Glasgow

Part 2

In person 4 workshops £1600

1 - 3 July

2 - 4 September  

30 September - 2 October   

4 - 6 November​

Friday 1 – 9; Saturday 10 – 9; Sunday 10 – 4

Old Lathrisk, Freuchie, Fife.

PART 1 (May)


You will be visioning your work and also bringing through material for day long and introduction workshops as well as learning the 'enabler' and 'pluralistic based' space holding practice which is key to the style of visionary shamanism I work with. 


Literature and course work (you will be writing courses as part of the material and will be required to write your own Visionary online or in person classes before the end of June 2021)


The Way of Circle and the Practitioner Field


This aspect introduces the training and cover the following points:



The Philosophy of Circle

The Importance of Cycles

The 3 Keepers of Counsel

Spirit Holding

The Practitioner Field

Tending and looking after self as Teacher-facilitator

The Distribution of Power

The Space Holder

Creating Safety

Generating Ethos


Mapping the Space

Dealing with Upset

The importance of Kindness and other key Principles

Understanding Soul as a Shamanic/Visionary  Concept

Understanding Wholeness as a Shamanic/Visionary Concept

Laying Foundations - the importance of the self-development aspect

Gestalt and Psychodynamic work in Shamanism

Anchors and Field Readers

Setting Boundaries

Setting intention

Opening to Guidance and Following the Group

Bringing things to a conclusion

Framework for a day or weekend intro workshop

PART 2 (June - November)

Course Material 1


Working with the muse and nature as our guides facilitating Visionary and Shamanic education. Ways of taking people through the Nature Wheel.  Ways of befriending the initiatory journey.

Leading Instruction of Practitioner ways of Restoration


Case Study points for insurers

Teaching Wholeness and Transfiguration

How to guide students to apply key principles

How to check and mentor understanding and safety

How to foster creativity


Course Material 2


Educating Story Enabling Practice and Shamanic Theatre

Working inside the field experientially

Teaching Mapping and Orientation

The power of working with moon cycles

Reading lists and book reports


Course material 3


Educating Practitioners in Psychopomp and Grief tending work

Teaching land healing

Returning to the important principles


Check points and structures

Presentations and graduation models


Course material 4


Educating Practitioners in Depossession, Curse unraveling and Archetypal Overlay


Plus: Online final 2 months Zoom (2 X 11/2 hour)


Feeding back on practice.  Extending and allowing individual vision emergence in our students.



Carol Day at for details and the application form to apply for this course. 

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