Sunset on Mount Nemrut

Earth Ensemble Intro
Ceremonies with the Ancestors

3 - 5 June 2022
The Centre for Stewardship, Falkland, Fife

earth ensemble foundation and practitioner access course


Intro to Earth Ensemble Practice: Ceremonies with the Ancestors

Ancestral Healing Ritual, Methodology and Ceremony

 Introduction workshop for Earth Ensemble Constellation Therapy Training

Venue: The Centre for Stewardship, Falkland, Fife

Friday  3 June - Sunday 5 June 2022

Friday 10 - 5

Saturday 10 - 9

Sunday 10 - 2

A course diving deep into ceremony work and setting up portals to the ancestral lines and the ancestral fields. 

We call on a number of traditions who incorporate  healing modalities for ancestral work.  Costume, elemental ritual, taught basic introductory exercises with Bert Hellinger's Orders of Love and themes of entanglement; voice and instrument usage; drawing; art; land healing and sacred theatre are explored as ways of opening healing flow to ancestral healing and support.  

Practitioners will leave this course with a good understanding of the role of ritual and ceremony, safe ways of connecting with the ancestors and an opening to simple constellation practice.


The course will cover and include the following themes


  • Introduction to the Earth Ensemble Practice and the background to the practice.


  • The subject of fate


  • Circle sharing.


  • Simple set up with soul and with the with orders of love.


  • Guided meditation with soul and order.


  • Supporting one another to be in the aligned space


  • Setting up Ceremony


  • The Orders of Love


  • The Development of the practice


  • Mythical recreation and Ancestral resonance


  • The power of story telling


  • Movements of soul


  • The importance of honouring


  • Ceremony for birth


  • Looking at entanglements


  • Healing rituals


  • Ceremony with the elements and the ancestors


  • Victim and perpetrator stories


  • Ceremonies for clearing


  • On ownership: Servitude


  • Ceremonies for freeing


  • Earth as Teacher


  • Pillars of light and Mythical nature representatives


  • A ceremony for the land and its people


  • Future generations


  • Ceremony of the Visionary chair panel


  • The importance of closure

Constellation work with clients may be extended to be inserted to practice with constellation practice by taking the 2 year Earth Ensemble Constellation training commencing September 2022.  


Please contact for a form and details. 

cost £300

(to be paid on booking)