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Creative Shamanism Practitioner Training (online)

"Innate Practice"



Healing by Initiation

Here is my own Practitioner training course that teaches Shamanic Healing within the context of initiations.


Forever,  I have been teaching that everything is about cycles and that being present with the wheels of change and not missing a stitch is key to the journey of empowerment.


The full Shamanic Practitioner course beginning anytime BEFORE 9 MARCH 2023) with Part 1 Foundation and then Part 2 The Deeper Myth takes practitioners in training through a journey to be able to hold space for shamanic healing work by listening deeply to the stories of initiation their clients and groups bring.


"I have known Carol Day for over ten years. She is truly a remarkable person. She lives what she teaches and is balanced in her spiritual work as well as the practical side of life. Carol is grounded and so connected to nature. And she teaches from such a place of kindness and compassion.

Many years ago, as I was leading a two-year teacher training in Scotland, I asked Carol Day to join our group and help to offer more assistance to me in teaching. That is how much faith I have in Carol. I am extremely “picky” about who I ask to assist me in workshops. "


Sandra Ingerman, MA, world renowned shamanic teacher and award winning author of 12 books including Walking in Light and The Book of Ceremony 


You will be working with the client, group and the spirits to bring empowerment to these stories. 


Calling on my counselling, shamanic and constellation training and thirteen years of experience of teaching shamanism and constellation practice and twenty eight years in total working in education and being fascinated by models and ways, this course is the course I feel opens up shamanic practice for the bridge we are currently crossing. 


I have spaces for people to go on this pioneering online journey with  me.

Dark Ocean

In this one year and two months course you will:


Focus on your calling and map the shamanic territory.  It is an exciting 4 months working with Edges, Calling and Loop material.  You set off on a Visionary Quest into your own life.  We work with initiation cycles, nature communicating, ancestor voyaging, archetype excavating and future vision scrying. You will also keep a Pathfinder journal to receive guidance on your path from the vantage point of nature, animal archetypes, sign walking, ancestral guides and the vision of the future ones. There are 4 group meetings and 2 individual sessions along with 4 months of course literature. 

Then you will enter Practitioner level and work with the Enabler practice. 


You will 


  • learn how to hold a succinct and powerful holding space 

  • listen with the power of circle and the collective zeitgeist

  • cover a rationale for holding sessions in nature and with guides

  • journey with an initiation guide who will be your teacher

  • map your own initiation journeys and uncover your specialities

  • mentor another to uncover their initiatory edges and encounter healing movements

  • learn about soul healing as reconciliation

  • work with nature guides for soul healing at initiator edges

  • work with story, sound and art as a soul healing medium

  • work with soul healing for the land



You will continue to work with an Earth Whisperer project and keep notes on your Pathfinding but the path is more flowing with the practice element now.  



The Structure:


Part 1 4 months:  2 individual sessions ( 1 hour 10 mins),  4 group meetings (2 hours)

Part 2:  10 months 8 group meetings (2 1/2 hours), 2 individual sessions, 20 case studies

5 reading/film/podcast reflections


All sessions are organised to suit participants availability and are held on Zoom 


The Cost:


Part 1 £500

Part 2 £800

£200 payable on booking


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