Journey of You

A Programme of six Visionary and Constellation Individual Sessions with Carol Day

This programme is at an introductory cost of £400.  (Instead of £510)






These sessions are designed to support you to find understanding, greater value and freedom for your path in life and to allow the healing of unresolved issues.  We work closely with your personal story.


The process is fascinating.  We work with setting up a careful and attentive listening space, draw in your birth chart, see what feels like it is calling for coaching and support and then dive into the Earth Ensemble model of constellation therapy in our sessions to create a space for unconscious entanglements and programmes to be given the chance to be seen and released.  The knowing field guides the work through the ancestral lines, the body, the lifeline, the archetypal and the orders of love.


A session lasts for an hour and ten minutes and may be taken by Zoom.


Information about the Earth Ensemble practice


The practice draws from the wealth of experience and knowledge I have gathered over the last decade through my own guided visionary/shamanic practice, my training and abilities as a counsellor and my training in constellation therapy. The practice is a development of the system of the medicine wheel practice. 


The Constellation Wheel weaves with the systemic practices and constellation models of Bert Hellinger and other practitioners in this field.  I have been studying with different teachers in constellation work over the last 8 years.  The Wheel model follows a unique system developed for the Centre for Creative Vision.


The Constellation Wheel listens to the whole person or organisation that is looking for healing through the filters of the different dimensions of the medicine wheel.  The practice looks to restore balance and flow by locating where any disturbance in the field may be and by allowing it to present, be acknowledged and then be understood and released from holding trauma or entanglement.


The circle of the Medicine Wheel with its 4 directions, elements and dimensions of soul is the container for the work.  Emphasis on inclusion and listening is the ethos for the practice.  The cyclical movement of the natural flow and orders of life and the understanding that returning this as a natural way of movement heals, is the philosophy which the Constellation Wheel honours. 


Through the Journey of You sessions your innate nature is able to find its place again and you are free to live your life according to your own unique, creative agenda.


Next steps if you would like to set up a Journey of You 6 session programme:


You will need to fill out the form  I send you and fill in your date, time and place of birth.


From your intention I will create a statement from your wording and then develop a plan of a course focus.  I will also print off a copy of your chart.


I will email the plan and chart to you and we will work out together if this feels right and make sure we get it right before we begin.


The initial Zoom session will commence the programme. The sessions each have a counselling, visionary, coaching and constellation focus.


Then there will be 5 Zoom sessions weekly or fortnightly.


There will be small tasks to do outside of the sessions too that help you to develop and vision into the journey of you.


You can get in touch by email at any point with questions and findings and I will coach you along.


contact for details and form 


Cost:  This programme is at an introductory cost of £400. 


Spaces: I have spaces for just four people to work with between now and August 2022.   

(I will be taking a five week break in August and early September)