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Earth Ensemble Constellation 2 Year Practitioner Training

Train to be a Constellation Practitioner in the fully insured and comprehensive 2 year training.  Places are limited. 

Go to Module 1 and 2 for details on how to begin the first 3 online NOW

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About the Training 


This course is a 2 year training in Earth Ensemble constellation therapy.  You can take this course for your own development and as a course that is insured to equip you to work with others.


At the end of the course you will be qualified to hold sessions and ceremony with individuals and groups with an earth-based Earth Ensemble Visionary practice.


Entrants will need to take the Intro workshop and a set of quads with me to check you love the practice. These can be taken any time before the end of Module 4.


This work is deep, has a significant amount of work for study and case practice and is demanding of excellent boundaries and clear vision.




Year 1 Usually £2000 payable as 5 modules of £400 – but first 4 modules reduced to half price until dates can be set.  So in total the cost is £1200 for Year 1.

Year 2 £2400 (includes tuition, individual sessions and case study supervision)




Year 1


4 X  6 week online course (1 meeting per week) with course work for 3 months


1 X 2 day workshop


Year 2


3 X 3 day workshops




Module 1  


The Sensory Architect 


Course work


Month 1 The Model


Month 2 The Principles


Month 3 The Enquirer



Module 2  


North The Physical Present


Course work


Month 4 Presence


Month 5 Body Mapping


Month 6 Earth Mapping

Module 3


East The Life line


Course work


Month 7 Tracking Vibrations


Month 8 Entanglements and the disentanglers


Month 9 Overlays of land and systems


Module 4


South The Ancestral Banks


Course work


Month 10 Ancestors and Loyalty


Month 11 Ancestors and Fatherlines


Month 12 Ancestors and Motherlines



Module 5


West The Place of Myth


2 day workshop


Course work


Month 13 The Medicine of deep listening


Month 14 Archetypal forces


Month 15 Nature Realms




Year 2

3 X 3 day workshops over 1 year


£2400 – paid in instalments


Modules 6 and 7


Module 6


Holding Space and transforming space


How to hold space, keep self clear and hold compassion and unconditional love and positive regard. Intense concentration on the model and applied practice seeing how adjusting the focus to the wholeness template model and bringing in the empathic container transforms stories.


Module 7


The flow of soul (In depth appreciation and application of the models of the shamanic way of nature, Gestalt and Montessori and Hellinger’s theories). Working with soul as a principle through different ties and dimensions. Understanding vibratory consciousness and developing sensitivity and skill with opening up soulful flow.


Understanding and applying theories of optimum flow and healthy orders.


2 X individual Sessions


10 X case studies


Modules 8 and 9


Module 8


The Intuitive Way


Developing, caring for and supporting the flow of clear intuition. Empowering the client to be in charge of their own knowing. Teaching strategies for enabling client autonomy and finding of authority.


Module 9


Phrases and Techniques/Creative Applications


Teaching standard statements, boundaries and techniques that enable flow and allow healing movements. Working with victim/perpetrator, Owner/enslaved themes through the wholeness template shield. Bringing in different ways to work with art, music, theatre, ceremony, costume and chair work.


2 X individual Sessions


10 case studies


Practice building coaching programme


Module 10


The Earth as Healer and Graduation


Going deeper into the concept of the earth and its wider cosmos holding the wisdom and the medicine and bringing the human into its place where it can be as one with this. Understanding consciousness and the place of the unconditional in this work. Presenting intentions for practice from the coaching programme.

Email for the form and details. 

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