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Cosmic Swirl

Mercury Retrograde 
Systemic Story opening class

Mercury Retrograde will come up in Virgo and the story fields are ready for opening!


 I am holding a three session micro-course with literature for this period and will be including three Virgo influenced stories. This is the second class for Systemic Story therapy which will be my main practice when I come out of my degree in August (and will involve film making!)


This short burst transformation course is created with the intention of helping the transformative principle awaken and doors open in people's lives. Amongst other things, Virgo  is about the physical pne and service, it is also about cleaning up paths and systems. It is a small course. It starts this week and involves three group zooms, accompanying literature and course focus.


If you would like to join us get in touch today as I can only work with four to six people.

Story field Transformative Principle: Mercury Retrograde: August 23 to September 14 going retrograde from 21 degrees of Virgo to 8 degrees Virgo.

Group Meetings: 6 pm - 7.30 pm UK time

Tuesday 5 September

Tuesday 12 September

Friday 15 September (New Moon)

Cost: £150

Email to book a space

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