Earth Ensemble Constellation Practitioner Study Group Intensive:
Module 1

Here is Module 1 of 10 modules which comprise the Earth Ensemble Constellation Practitioner training.

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Below are the times for the current group. If you are interested in joining the second intake which will begin at the end of January, please get in touch to see the details and form and to reserve a space.  NB The course is half full prior to advertising.  We will be setting the meeting times early January. 

Tuesday mornings 10 am - 12 pm Zoom

1 Nov

8 Nov 

15 Nov

22 Nov

29 Nov

6 Dec

13 Dec

Each module comes with a film of content and principles. Attendees are responsible for their own note taking.


Entry requirements:   There are no entry requirements - but I will carefully consider applicants on the back of previous experience and involvement.  To take the full course of 10 modules and receive a certificate for practice you will also need to have taken a quad and the Intro workshop with Carol Day.

The first modules online are half price as I needed to have flexibility with dates until I have finished my film course in August. 


contact for details and the form

What you will get from Module 1

Map in Grass

Students will leave module 1 with:


1.  The Model


  • an understanding of the model of earth ensemble work through counselling (gestalt and psychodynamic), constellation and shamanic lenses  

  • an understanding of the meaning of ‘field work’ 

  • able to participate in enquiries into field operation through models and personal mapping


Evidenced by: 


  • setting up and photographing models and completing written or spoken assignment showing understanding of the model elements


2.  The Principles


  • the principles of earth ensemble work through constellating (gestalt and psychodynamic), constellation and shamanic lenses  

  • the importance of placings within the context of  orders of love (Hellinger), optimum flow, inclusion (medicine wheel shamanic model) and empathic resonance (person centred counselling) and all of these will be described and explained in the course material provided

  • the importance of resourcing in this work  

  • and participate in enquiries into these principles through models and personal mapping


Evidenced by:  


  • setting up and photographing models and completing written or spoken assignment showing understanding of the model elements. 


3.  The Enquirer


  • the importance of the place of the enquirer and the holding that the plot has unfolded because they have entanglements with or pulls to other stories through their body genetics, life, ancestral and the mythical holding stations 

  • that if the representative was able to clearly hold their place and their life wish then these stories would not be showing up as difficulty.  

  • the student is guided to go through exercises and movements that allow them as the space holder to hold a clear space holder place known as ‘neutral stance’ so that the enquirer can find their way back to this too.  

  • they also learn a range of different ways of setting up or approaching this work.

  • being able to use floor markers, representatives and table top constellations using stones, crystals or pieces of paper

  • info on how to hold distance Constellations by Skype or phone

  • solo constellation techniques for individuals as a self-help tool

  • creative constellations using stories, art, writing and photos

  • dream interpretation constellations

  • timeline constellations – tracking a health condition or significant relationship etc

  • constellations using intention, resources, essence


Evidenced by:  


  • a short written or spoken piece by the student exampling their understanding of this concept

  • written and photographed info showing experimentation with the list above


Course work focus:  


  • choosing an environment that the student finds themselves in often and observing the model, principles and fields at work

  • observing and recording what happens when they find a neutral stance

Future modules will take place at the discretion of the course leader.  Days cannot be set due to the nature of the film course and its unpredictable terms, but if possible to timetable the same,  will stick with Tuesday mornings in January and February.   Hours may be accrued towards an insurer's requisites.