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Ceremonies with Presence and the Mythical: Healing Ritual, Methodology and Ceremony

Introduction workshop for Earth Ensemble Constellation Training

(This is also run as the Dreaming Retreat: North)


Thursday 14 – Sunday 17 September 2023


Thursday 7 pm - 9 pm

Friday 10 am - 9.30 pm

Saturday 10 am - 8 pm

Sunday 10 am - 1 pm


A course diving deep into ceremony work and setting up portals to the physical body, presence and the ancestral and mythical fields. 


We call on a number of traditions who incorporate healing modalities for ancestral work.  Costume, elemental ritual, taught basic introductory exercises with Bert Hellinger's Orders of Love and themes of entanglement; voice and instrument usage; drawing; art; land healing and sacred theatre are explored as ways of opening healing flow to ancestral healing and support.  


Practitioners will leave this course with a good understanding of the role of ritual and ceremony, safe ways of connecting with the ancestors and an opening to simple constellation practice.   


cost (for those definitely doing modules 1 and 2 of the training and more): £300

Would you like to train to be a constellation Practitioner in this innovative style of working with people?  Are you looking to take part in a foundation or full 2 year practitioner course and are signed up for modules 1 and 2 online?  If so, you can take this workshop at a cost of £300.

Contact for form and details

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