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Whole Set: 4 Corners Constellation Course (starts 14 December)

East: Bird Tribe;

South: Visionary Culture;

West: Community of the Waters;

North: Animal Nation;

£1300  (reduction of £100 for full set of 4)


Read below for details on this exciting and creative modality!


4Directions Theatre Presents!

The 4Directions wholeness template is the design I have been working with for a long time with Constellation work.  'Story Compass' published by Moon Books in 2022 works with this model.  The 4 courses here are designed to support creative practice in working with the wheel and to open a healing theatre on the earth for all involved.   

Welcome to this NEW 4 part constellation Earth Ensemble course

This is a rolling course which runs around the wheel of the year.  You can begin at any point of of the compass!


This course will provide creative ideas for artists, therapists, shamanic practitioners, family constellation therapists, writers, actors and so many more.​  We work with the Earth Ensemble methodology, which is carefully taught in the intro to the module.  Then we open up to the archetypes of the four realms and enter into a healing theatre with them in everyday life.  

You can use this work to enhance your creative life and grow to include so much more wonder and effectiveness, or you can take it alongside the 2 Year Constellation training to be able to bring more creativity, costume, art work and writing into the way your practice will develop.  

From 2008 - 2018, I ran the Theatre of Dragon Hill with the spirits and the ancestors of the land in Fife, working with dragon lines and sacred sites. This embedded the beginning of this theatre project.  The drama and story projects I created when I worked as The Centre for Creative Shamanism from 2009 - 2018 were the foundations of this interactive practice with our everyday lives.  Story Practitioner 2 (story and mountain course) broke open the power of 4Directions Theatre and the spirits of the land even further.  Then the material in the book Shamanic Dreaming which is being released by Findhorn Press in 2023 brought the time loop continuum for this theatre work fully through. The project truly began with The Dreaming Retreat on the Isle of Seil onthe West coast of Scotland this August. The work that I am doing with Script writing and film making working with the codes of living landscapes is taking this project even deeper into the earth. 

I am so excited for this project and to learn that the time is now!

READ BELOW  to find out what this four part online course involves!


You will need to commit to:


20 Wednesday evenings (6.30 - 8.30 pm UK time) throughout a year and make space for (at our mutual arrangement) 4 individual sessions of 1 hour 10 minutes - one for each set.

Each element includes:

  • 6 weeks of literature (Part 1 includes 12 weeks as it has the intro element too - if you join later you will receive the Intro material alongside your first 6 weeks)

  • Close communication and guidance searching and creative opening from each in turn of the following groups: six birds e.g. robin, magpie, wren ; future ones on the planet e.g tree dryad, human; archetypal character ; sea and river creatures.g. seal, whale, octopus ; animal e.g. reindeer, bison; goat

  • Merging, exploring, listening and healing exercises

  • Visionary journeying

  • Dream- chronicling

  • Nature walking, drawing, writing and setting up constellation projects

  • Life tracking

  • Realm entering portal making

  • Working with models and maps

  • Communicating with different earth groups

  • Setting up with the Future ones

  • Making a wholeness template model to work with in your home or garden

  • Drumming or tambourining to open communication channels

  • Collecting costume for potential theatre projects

  • Finding and working with a key guide from the group of each direction

  • A practice honouring the ancestors and the previous stories of the land

  • A dedication to Present times


This is a rich and mind and life opening course that bring the earth communities back into life and help us to find the archetypal expressions within ourselves.


I have written this course for self-development, healing work for individuals and the planet and as teaching material for those who wish to use this material to inspire their own work.

Contact for details and the form 

SOUTH  begins 8 FEBRUARY 2022 with literature and THE FIRST Zoom meeting is Wed 22 February.


EAST is running at present


Wed 14 December 6.30 - 8.30 pm
Wed 18 Jan

Wed 25 Jan

Wed 1 Feb

Wed 8 Feb

Wed 15 Feb



Wed 22 Feb

Wed 22 March 

Wed 29 March

Wed 5 April

Wed 12 April

Wed 19 April

Taken as independent units each element is £350.  As well as literature and 6 group meetings, it includes an individual session and email mentoring with Carol Day. 

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